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We just got back in town from another furniture and bedding expo in Vegas. We had a blast as always. I got to try several new brands of sheets, pillows, comforters and mattresses. We had an eventful day and went back to the hotel to crash. We had a nice room in the closest Marriott Hotel we could find. The first thing I noticed was the mattress. I wasn’t expecting it to be so comfortable. I have noticed that many hotels and resorts are taking their bedding choices up a notch, however this mattress blew me away. My back always hurts after walking on the hard floors at the conventions. The second I lied down I could feel my back starting to adjust and correct itself. I looked at the tag as usual and their it was, A big Jamison Bedding tag looking right back at me. My family lives around the area where the Jamison mattress company first started and they have been sleeping on them for years. I told the lady at the front desk that I had the best nights sleep and she said that Marriott sells the same mattress on their online store. I looked it up and she was right. I asked my husband about the brand and he said that they make some of the best quality mattresses in the bedding business. They apparently have been building beds since the 1800’S. I know that my back felt amazing in the morning and that is why this is my latest Top Pick from your Favorite Bedding Chick. Below I will include more info about the Jamison company if you are interested. Rate my blog to let me know how I’m doing.


  1. We love the Jamison Marriott beds. We just bought an Encore Pillowtop Hybrid by Jamison and it is the best mattress ever! Not cheap but totally worth it.

  2. I love the Marriott mattresses! I never thought to see if they were available to purchase. I always just figured they were made specifically for resorts and hotels. After doing some online research I found a mattress store that sells the Jamison Custom resort mattresses. I had it shipped to my home and have slept wonderful for the past several weeks.

  3. Heads Up! Any of you out there looking to get a Jamison Resort Collection mattress for a good deal need to pay attention. I just got word that there is a big fabric change going on with the RST models. That means if you can find a store that still has some in the old fabric you could save 40%-50% off. That is huge.

  4. One of my readers asked me if I thought that a Jamison Resort Collection mattress would pair well with an adjustable base. I can’t believe that I haven’t gone over that yet. The answer is 100% yes. All foam mattresses like the RST 088,089,090,095 and the 440 work perfectly with an adjustable base. One thing you want to make sure of is you get a base that has a strong motor. Leggett and Platt, Sealy Ease and Glideaway Ascend are examples of bases with good strong motor to move a high quality mattress.

  5. We spent another awesome vacation at a Marriott and I have to say the mattress was the bomb. The Jamison Marriott Resort Collection never disappoints. I love that fact that it is hypoallergenic and little Liam doesn’t spend the whole trip sniffling and sneezing. The Marriott we stayed in had a model that was a little different than the other ones I have slept on. This had a plush top with a really firm under layer. My husband said that it is the Cushion Firm model. To me it was the perfect balance of soft and firm. If you like a solid mattress mattress with a little softness on top the Jamison Resort Collection cushion firm is for you.

  6. A few of my readers wanted to know the specific model of Jamison Resort Hotel Collection we got for our son. We chose the RST 90 model for him. It is a good middle of the road, not to soft and not to firm, model. He is still pretty small so we thought that the RST 88 may be too firm for him. Other models like the RST 440 may be to soft for him. I want you to know that the other models are great and as an adult I say go with the one that feels right to you. When you pick out a mattress for a kid you have to take into account the weight difference from a kid to an adult. What feels slightly firm to an adult will be extra firm to a kid. If you like a soft mattress with tons of support the RST 440 is the one for you. I guess what i am saying is that you cant go wrong with one of these mattresses.

  7. Did you know that some mattresses out there are full of nasty and toxic chemicals? It is true. One of the things that I love about the Jamison Resort Hotel Collection is that it has the Oeko-Tex 100 certification. That is one of the highest textile certifications in the world. What that means to us is that it is free of carcinogens and chemicals that could have negative health effects. Don’t just assume that if a brand is well known that it is pure. Many of the most well known brands do not have these types of certifications. If you care about your about your health you should check out the Jamison Resort Hotel collection.

  8. I like to tag along with my husband when he visits different manufacturing plants around the county. I love to see how things are made. I got a chance to visit the Jamison plant in Nashville Tennessee last week and I have to say I was impressed. At this particular plant they produce the Resort Hotel Collection and some of the other lines. It was probably the cleanest factory I have ever visited. It wasn’t dinghy and greasy like most other facilities I have visited over the years. It was really a treat to see the whole process from raw coil units all the way to finished products. It was fun to watch them build the box springs. It is quite a process. If you got a chance to see these craftsmen in action you would understand why some of these great mattresses cost so much. A lot of work goes into making each one of these mattress and box spring / foundation sets.

  9. One of my readers reached out to me this week with an important question. She wanted to know if you had to buy the box spring with the mattress to get a warranty. She is about to pull the trigger on a Resort Hotel Collection bed from Jamison and she doesnt want to make a mistake. I asked my hubs for his expert opinion on the matter and this is what he said. Jamison along with most other brands do require the purchase of a set for your warranty. There are, however, an exception to this rule. If you are using the mattress on a platform bed you can keep your warranty. That means that if you plan to use it on an old box spring you will loose your warranty protection. It doesn’t matter if it an all foam, pillow top, euro top, firm or plush mattress. The style does not matter. I hope this helps. Let me know if there is any confusion about this topic and I will try to clear it up.

  10. My husband had a chance to meet a couple who have been married 65 years. That sure is a long time. They were looking for a Jamison mattress and when the hubs asked how they heard of the company he expected them to say they slept on one at a Marrtiott Hotel. That’s how most people become familiar with Jamison. Their answer surprised him a little. They said that they received a Jamison mattress form a relative as a wedding gift and they have never owned anything but a Jamison. I guess if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. That is some serious brand loyalty. They went on to say that in 65 years and 12 Jamison mattresses, between the master bedroom and guest rooms, later they wouldn’t even consider another company. It’s hard to beat an endorsement 65 years in the making.

  11. As a mother to a child with terrible allergy issues I have searched high and low for products that will not exacerbate the problem. Since we pulled the trigger and got him a Jamison Marriott Bed he has not got up with the stuffy nose or the cough that he used to experience every day. I am so happy that they have a hypo allergenic option that is so comfortable. Other allergy friendly mattresses we have seen in the pass have not been nearly as comfortable and cost twice as much. If you or one of your little ones has allergy problems you should consider a Jamison Marriott Mattress.

  12. I have received several Emails from my dedicated readers with questions about the Jamison Marriott Bed. I will use this posting to answer some of those questions. The first questions was regarding the specific foam technology in the famous Marriott mattress that has put the Jamison brand on the map. Jamison uses a high density SOY based core foam. this foam is a proprietary design owned by the Marriott brand. This core has been pre compressed to give the foam an extremely dense and durable support level. Many people notice a difference in support immediately when sleep at a Marriott hotel. Many even feel a significant improvement in overall rest and comfort. This has lead to a massive industry for the hotel chain with a large amount of online business dedicated to the distribution of these fine mattresses to consumers. The next question was regarding off gassing. Because the Foam Core in the Jamison Marriott mattress is soy based and Certi-Pur-us certified, you have very little to worry about regarding the off gassing of toxic fumes. If you wish to learn more about the Jamison Bedding Company in Franklin Tn. you can visit their website or simply email me with a specific question about the brand. Please rate my posts to let me know what you think of my blog. 🙂

  13. Today I will be doing a quick review of the Jamison Marriott Bed. I’ve done a bit of research into this brand after having such a great experience at our last bedding conference. I had my husband look into the specs of this popular mattress and give me the run down.
    The best part of the Jamison Marriott mattress is the overall simplicity in design. They start with the Marriott proprietary Resort Core. This material is unique considering that it is SOY based instead of petroleum based. This makes for a more environment friendly low VOC option which is always a bonus. The Resort Core material is pre compressed to maintain longevity and lasting support. Because of this feature the Jamison Classic mattress has an extended warranty as compared to other foam core models. The quilted top on this mattress is also using a Certi Pur US and SOY based protocol. The overall comfort rating on this mattress is medium to firm. High points include: Firm back support, pressure point relief and Commercial grade performance. The Marriott Company has partnered with Jamison Bedding for 50 years to develop some of the finest quality Resort and Hotel collection mattresses in the world.
    I will be reviewing the whole Jamison collection periodically. Stay tunned for more and feel free to rate the content on this page above.


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