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I have to tell you about a mattress that I got to sleep on recently. It is made by Legendaire and called the Oasis Aloe Vera. OMG! This mattress was pure luxury. If you have ever wondered what sleeping on a cloud would be like I can tell you that I have and lived to tell the story. This mattress hit all the right spots as far as support goes but never felt hard. I slept on my side the whole night without moving. Fantastic experience! Hope you get a chance to try one for yourself. If you like natural materials that are Certi-pur, you will love the whole Resort & Hotel Collection by Legendaire. If you have any Legendaire mattress reviews you’d like to share feel free to join the converstion.

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  1. My husband and I went shopping at 4 different mattress stores and probably tried 30 different mattresses. Our favorite by far was the Legendaire Oasis Aloe mattress. It has copper foam and individual coils. It was the only mattress that we both absolutely loved from the first time we tried it. We ordered it and an adjustable base that has made a huge difference for both of us. My husband isn’t snoring anymore. And my hips feel amazing!

  2. Just got our Brooklyn Park Legendaire mattress delivered today! The delivery went great and we are so excited to finally get a good night’s sleep. This mattress was highly recommended by my Chiropractor. We are really looking forward to getting the back support we need.

  3. I love my new Oasis Aloe Vera Legendaire mattress! It is super soft and supportive on the back. Sleeps cool. What’s not to love.

  4. We just bought a Legendaire mattress a few weeks ago. I am amazed by the comfort an support. We have had expensive mattresses in the past but none of them were as nice as this. Totally worth the extra money.

  5. Legendaire mattresses are the best kept secret in the mattress business. I have friends that have replaced very expensive brand name mattresses several times. I have had my Grand Resort mattress for several years and it still sleeps like it is brand new. I just bought my daughter one for her birthday and she was thrilled.

  6. We just received delivery of our Legendaire pillowtop hybrid mattress and WOW!. This thing is a monster. You can tell by the weight and size that it is a substantial mattress. Now I see why it has a 20 year warranty. I can’t ever imagine wearing this thing out. If you are looking for a quality investment in your sleep you might want to look into one of these mattresses.

  7. I had never heard of Legendaire mattresses before I went shopping. I went to a high end bedding store and tried a Magniflex and another European mattress that I can’t remember the name of. They were comfortable mattresses but the best feeling beds in the place was the Legendaire Grand Resort mattresses. After trying those and then going back to compare to some of the cheaper regular brands at another store I could not believe the difference and so I went back and bought the Resort model It was bout twice what I wanted to spend but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on the cheaper brands. I was too spoiled by then LOL.

  8. I can’t speak highly enough about my new Legendaire Grand Resort mattress. I have cut my trips to the chiropractor in half. My back is supported and my hip doesn’t hurt anymore in the morning. I did a lot of research before deciding on this bed and I couldn’t be happier.

  9. The Legendaire Grand Luxe pillowtop is so unbelievably comfortable. We have a local mattress dealer that carries the Grand Resort series and other Legendaire models. We have heard so many wonderful things about these mattresses so we went to check them out. Totally worth the money!! Best sleep we’ve had since our honeymoon.

  10. OMG! This new mattress is unbelievable. After reading such great responses I decided to check out Legendaire beds for myself. Ya’ll were right on the money. The Grand Resort series is pure luxury. I had a hard time deciding which model to buy. I was impressed by the variety of materials they use to make the mattresses. I had never even felt a bed before that had organic cotton and New Zealand wool with soy and latex foam rubber. Very unique comfort. I love it!

  11. Love my new Legendaire Hybrid mattress! Best sleep in years. Supportive and comfy. My husband has noticed a considerable improvement in his lower back.

  12. The Latex pillow top mattress by Legendaire is incredible. I travel a ton for work and in and of hotels all of the time. This mattress feels just like the ones that are in the best hotels I use. I researched for months before making my final decision and I glad I chose this brand.

  13. We are in love with our new Grand Resort mattress by Legendaire. It was not the cheapest thing we have ever purchased but well worth the investment.


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