Are Air Mattresses Any Good?

Are Air Mattresses Any Good
Are Air Mattresses Any Good

This is a question I get asked these days due to all of the Sleep Number commercials. I have to be honest. I am not a fan of Air Mattresses and here’s why. Air performs a lot like water does in the old water beds. It is hard to get proper spinal alignment with a substance that moves and displaces with the shifting of weight. It is important to keep your spin neutrally aligned while sleeping and I am just not convinced that Air or Water is up to the task. I have talked to a few Chiropractor friends and a MyoSkeletal Therapist about this. They pretty much agree with my assessment. Now, with that said it really isn’t my place to tell you what kind of mattress you should buy. I just give my opinion on what I believe is best for me. Feel free to leave a comment.


  1. We had a sleep number mattress that was awful! It was not a good fit for us. We couldn’t get comfortable on any setting really. We bought a new Hybrid mattress that feels great. It was considerably less money than the Sleep Number.

  2. I totally agree with this. I purchased one of those fancy air mattresses too, and although I must admit that it was comfortable at first, after a couple of months I noticed that it was providing me with good support in my lower back. In my younger years, I was a competitive bodybuilder and I ended up throwing my back out when I was doing deadlifts. It hasn’t been the same since. After seeing the commercials, I thought the number mattress would benefit me, but I think I’m just going to switch back to a traditional coil mattress.


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