Oasis Aloe Vera by Legendaire

Oasis Aloe Vera by Legendaire
Oasis Aloe Vera by Legendaire

Legendaire family of luxury brands has done it again! They have revamped the classic Resort & Hotel Collection to include more organic and natural materials. It is always nice to know that your mattress doesn’t have harsh chemicals or toxins. A big favorite at the Mattress and Furniture show was the Oasis Aloe Vera by Legendaire. This mattress was a crowd pleaser. It had all of the luxury cushion you’d expect from Legendaire, with unmatched support, making this mattress a great choice for everyone. Check out more Legendaire mattresses here.


  1. I rarely write reviews but I had to tell someone about my experience with my new Oasis Aloe mattress made by the Legendaire company. I was on my second bed in a box that I could not get good sleep on and finally I had enough and went to a real mattress store. The experience was great and the sales associate helped me pick out several mattresses and I ended up deciding to buy the Oasis Aloe model. This is seriously the best quality mattress I have ever owned. My back doesn’t hurt. It sleeps cool. Don’t waste your time on a cheap mattress in a box. Buy a Legendaire and save yourself a ton of time.

  2. My dad always told me to invest in good shoes, tires, and a good mattress. My wife and I found ourselves in the market for a new mattress after our old one started sagging. We went to several mattress stores and researched online. We decided to by an Oasis Aloe Vera Legendaire model. Very pleased with the performance of this mattress. It has great support for the back and firm edge support. I have no problem recommending a Legendaire mattress.

  3. Couldn’t be happier with our Oasis Aloe Vera Legendaire mattress! I have slept so well lately. We knew we needed a new mattress because our Stearns & Foster was at least 10 years old but we didn’t realize how bad we needed a new one until we slept on the new Oasis Aloe Vera model. My husband has stopped tossing and turning and I am sleeping considerably cooler than I was before. 5 Stars for the Legendaire mattress brand from us!

    • Thank you for your comment and review of the Oasis Aloe Vera Legendaire mattress! I absolutely love the positive feedback from the product blogs. Hope you enjoy the rest of the blog site.

  4. We bought an adjustable bed frame with our Oasis Aloe Vera Legendaire mattress and it is amazing. We can’t remember the last time we have slept so well. We were originally looking at a Beautyrest Black mattress but the Legendaire was considerably more comfortable and had a longer warranty.

  5. We bought a Beautyrest mattress and sent it back after 2 weeks. We just couldn’t get comfortable on it. We exchanged it for the Oasis Aloe Vera mattress by Legendaire and it is Amazing! We have both slept better in the last few weeks than we have in years.

  6. Very pleased with our purchase of the Oasis Aloe Vera mattress from Legendaire. We travel a lot and always say that the best sleep we get are in hotels. We found out about the legendaire mattresses from a Chiropractor we use and decided to pick one up. This mattress is very reminiscent of the mattresses in some of the nicer hotels we visit.

  7. I bought the Oasis Aloe Vera mattress in a split king set up with an adjustable base. OMG! I wish I would have done this years ago. I have slept better in the last month than I can remember. If you are on the fence about buy an adjustable base I would highly reccomend it. It was a game changer for my husband and I.


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