Carmel Cashmere by Legendaire

Carmel Cashmere by Legendaire
Carmel Cashmere by Legendaire

I got a chance to see the new Legendaire Resort Collection at the latest trade show and was blown away. My favorite was the Carmel Cashmere by Legendaire Resort collection. It is incredibly soft yet supportive like no other mattress I have felt. They use a commercial grade coil system for durability and several layers of natural comfort layers. To top it off they use a luxury Cashmere cover for breathability. You’re going to want to try this mattress. Check out more Legendaire mattresses here.


  1. This is probably the first review I have ever written about a mattress but my experience has been so great I thought I would share. First of all let me say that mattress shopping is confusing to say the least. I tried probably 100 mattresses at different stores before I found the Carmel Cashmere Legendaire mattress. I was really intrigued by the warranty. most brands only had 10 years to offer. The Legendaire brand offered a 20 year non prorated warranty with the purchase of a premium mattress protective cover. I bought a cover and a couple of Legendaire pillows as well. the whole experience has been wonderful from the purchase all the way to the delivery. I have been very comfortable on my new Carmel Cashmere mattress and would strongly recommend this brand to anyone looking for a new bed.

  2. Best mattress I’ve ever slept on! Out with the old in with the new. I through out my raggedy old serta mattress and bought a Carmel Cashmere Legendaire mattress. I have been wanting a hybrid mattress for a while. Finally saved up some money and got the perfect one.

  3. By far the most luxurious bed we have ever slept on. We slept at our friends condo and couldn’t believe how well we slept. When we got home from our trip the first thing we did was order a Carmel Cashmere Legendaire mattress. It cost as much as the trip did but totally worth the investment.

  4. We love our Carmel Cashmere mattress by Legendaire. We had a Beautyrest for about 7 years and decided to replace it. This is probably the most luxurious mattress we have ever had.

  5. It’s hard to describe just how luxurious this mattress is. We have had several different mattress brands over the years. None of them really blew us away like the Carmel Cashmere by Legendaire. It is like sleeping on a cloud but with plenty of back support. It’s hard to believe they can make a mattress this soft and still have great back and hip support. 10 Stars for us but it would only let us give 5!


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