Why We Sleep by Tammy Lynn

Why We Sleep
Sleep Science Why We Sleep

I write a lot of blogs about mattresses but have never really delved to deep in to the reasons for getting a good quality mattress. Recently I visited a seminar that was mind boggling to say the least! It was about the importance of why we sleep.

The general consensus about why we sleep is the Restorative Theory. This theory states that our bodies use sleep to repair tissue, restore muscles, and release human growth hormones. While there is much still to be discovered in the science of sleep, I find this field off study fascinating.

Are you getting the kind of sleep you need? Are you waking up feeling refreshed in the morning? If not, you may want to do some research on the Science of Sleep or find a qualified Sleep Science Coach to help you in this area.

And remember, A great nights rest starts with a great quality mattress. Check out some of my blogs to learn more about the best mattress brands available on the market.


  1. I found this post very interesting. It makes sense. We spend some much time planning our exercise routines and our meals but rarely give a second glance at what our sleep routine might be missing. I have a new mattress and it is good but I know I could benefit from a more planned out sleep regimen. Thanks Tammy Lynn! I love the posts.

  2. I read a great book called “Why We Sleep”. It was very interesting. Really got me thinking about sleep and I’m now a little more conscious of my daily decisions that might be affecting my sleep.

  3. I watched a podcast recently with a Sleep Scientist. It was very eye opening. I really had no idea how important sleep is to our over all health and well being. I’d enjoyed this blog and would like to see more of this kind of content on your site.


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