Emerald Bay by Legendaire

Emerald Bay by Legendaire Mattress
Emerald Bay by Legendaire Mattress

The Emerald Bay by Legendaire is a Hybrid mattress in a category of its own. This mattress offers commercial grade durability with a luxurious comfort few brands have been able to match. The edge support on this hybrid mattress is unmistakable. When you sit on the edge you know you are sitting on a high end furniture grade mattress. They also use a proprietary cooling technology sure to impress those needing to beat the heat. The back support is of the highest order using their center support zone wrapped coils system. Finally a hybrid mattress that has it all with the Emerald Bay Legendaire mattress. Check out more Legendaire mattresses here.


  1. We just got our Emerald Bay Legendaire mattress delivered and it is Awesome! I have been needing a good mattress for a while and did a good amount of research before we bought our new Legendaire mattress. Can’t wait to sleep great tonight!

  2. After doing extensive research, we decided to buy an Emerald Bay mattress by Legendaire. It checked all of our boxes for comfort, support, and durability. Nice little bonus feature is the cooling viscose cover on the top. It has really helped my husband sleep better.

  3. FINALLY, a mattress that allows me to sleep through the entire night! I never thought I would be able to get a solid 8 hours of sleep a night again, until I discovered the Legendaire Emerald Bay mattress. Cannot, and I mean I CANNOT recommend this mattress enough!

  4. Perfect comfort level for me and my husband! We returned our Bed in a Box mattress and bought an Emerald Bay Legendaire mattress. It sleeps cool and feels great for side sleeping. The bed in a box mattress hurt my hips when I would sleep on my side but the Emerald Bay mattress really relives the pressure on my hips and shoulders.

  5. I have been searching for a new mattress for several months. I have tried every brand in all of the local mattress stores and the most comfortable mattress by far was the Emerald Bay by Legendaire. I didn’t want to get off of the mattress. I almost fell asleep while the salesman was talking to me lol. Needless to say I bought the mattress and had it delivered yesterday. Last night was the best sleep I’ve had in years.

  6. OMG! This mattress is amazing. We shopped at several mattress stores and tried every mattress brand imaginable before we found a store that had Legendaire mattresses. We had never heard of them before but always commented on how well we sleep in certain hotels. We tried the Emerald Bay by Legendaire and I didn’t want to get up. I felt like I could just go to sleep right there in the store. We bought it and have now been sleeping on it for a couple of months. Best mattress we have ever owned.


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