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Ok girls. I have got to tell you about this amazing pillow that my husband brought home from work. Remember, my husband works in the bedding industry so I get some pretty sweet perks. This is one of the best in a while. This pillow is amazing. I have had memory foam pillows before but this one has a layer of Brisa Gel on one side to help regulate temperature. Man does it work. Sometimes I get warm at night. I’m sure some of you girls have been there and if not trust me it’s coming. This pillow gets down right cold. It is so refreshing to be able to cool your body temp down instantly with just the flip of a pillow. My neck has never felt better. I think it has helped to align me better than my old pillow did. I’m not sure of any major retailers that sell this particular pillow but if you want to check one out you can probably order one. My husband said that they retail for around 150 bucks. I know. Kind of steep, but well worth it. I’ll leave some additional information below about other brands that might have a similar pillow. Thanks guys. Stay tuned for more Top Picks from your Favorite Bedding Chick.


  1. We bought our Brisa pillow from a new mattress store in Smyrna TN. that had a huge selection of mattresses and pillows. It’s nice to have a mattress gallery with factory direct prices right down the street.

  2. I have been doing some additional research on memory foam gel pillows and came across some cool information. The memory foam manufacturers have discovered a way to infuse and even spray coat almost any kind of fiber for pillow filling. This is great news for you ladies that like to sleep cool but don’t care for the feel of traditional memory foam. Now the cooling technology can be brought to multiple comfort levels and varieties of different pillows. I was reading about Gel on written by the mattress expert along with other general information websites and found that more and more people are open to the idea of using this type of product in their bedding selections. If you have any questions feel free to message me. Please rate my content to let me know how I am doing. 😄

  3. I have now been on the Gel Brisa Pillow by Fashion Bed Group for over a month. I have seriously fallen in love with this awesome pillow. I wanted to do a little research for my readers to find out if there are some comparable options at a more affordable price. I haven’t found a better Gel pillow for the money yet. I did however find some other great pillows by Fashion Bed Group. They make a lesser expensive model without the Gel pad to make it more affordable. The comfort is similar but you don’t get the Cooling Gel sensation which is kind of the point of purchasing that particular model. However, if cooling isn’t you thing you might be fine with the none Gel version made with premium memory foam. I also found a pillow by Legendaire Bedding that was a bit more expensive than the Brisa Gel pillow and it felt awesome. I’m thinking about getting one when my husband is at his next bedding expo to try and review. My search continues for a more affordable Gel pillow option. I will keep you posted. Please rate the comtent on my page to let me know how I am doing.

  4. Today I will be giving a quick run down of the Brisa Gel pillow. This pillow is a nice addition to the luxury pillow market. My husband as many of you already know is a buyer for the bedding industry and is always getting to try the newest tech. I get the benefit of being his spoiled tester as well. Lol. We got an opportunity to clock in a few nights of sleep on this bad boy and OMG, The comfort is amazing. My favorite thing about the Brisa pillow is the Cooling feature. So many “Cooling Gel” pillows that my husband has brought home have really not held up their end of the bargain. Most of them claim to be cool and fail to deliver. The Brisa pillow on the other hand is everything it claims and more…. With a dual side for neck support, it might be the most versatile pillow I have had to date. The flip side features a traditional memory foam with an extra curve for additional neck support while the gel side features a slightly firmer and cooler side. I love both sides of the pillow and find myself wishing I had two heads so I could experience both sides at once. Lol. This however is not a cheap pillow. But you get what you pay for. I highly recommend this product.
    I will add more content in the future if I get wind of a cheaper option. Feel free to give my entries a thumbs up or down to let me know how I am doing. Also feel free to rate my Blog. See ya next time.


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