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If you are on a quest for a new pillow then let me tell you about what my husband brought home last night. He got a chance to test some new products for his company and one of them was the Quest Pillow by Sleep Harmony. Finally, a pillow made for side sleepers that also has the cooling feature. I have a pillow that’s cool and I have one that is for side sleeping. The Quest pillow gives you both. OMG it is comfortable. I wish the pillow was huge like the size of a king mattress and I would sleep just on it. Lol. The best part about it is the C curve that allows for you to really pull the pillow close to your shoulder and neck without having the pillow bunch up around your shoulder. I love sleeping on my side and last night I got some of the best side sleep ever. It not just for side sleeper though. My husband is a back sleeper and he was impressed with it as well. This is the best part of being married to a bedding industry insider. He gets the low down on the latest and greatest. Hope you enjoyed another Top Pick from your Favorite Bedding Chick. I’ll post more info below on other products offered by sleep harmony for your enjoyment. Please rate my blog so that I can make needed improvements.

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  1. I wanted to give you an update on the Quest pillow by Sleep Harmony. I have used this pillow several times in the past month and have been really impresses with the overall comfort. This is the side sleepers pillow for sure. Don’t get me wrong. It is great in any position however it really shines when you use it as a side sleeper pillow. The way it curves around your shoulder to give your neck a very deep support is amazing. The fiber fill that is used has a pressure relief the is unique. Coupled with a cooling side made from viscose material, this might be the only pillow you will ever need as a side sleeper. Again, I have enjoyed this pillow in all positions so if you are not a side sleeper you might still want to consider this option to enhance your bedding collection.


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