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Ok, so I my husband came home all excited. Of course, it was about mattresses. He is such a bedding geek. Lol. I still love him though. He was rambling on about Sealy Posturepedic and something about a Crown Jewel. I had heard the name crown jewel before but I couldn’t remember why. I asked him what is a crown jewel and why is it so special? He told me that it is a special edition of high end mattresses that Sealy releases once in a blue moon. It is usually to showcase a new technology. And then it hit me. My mattress that I got when I was a little girl was a Crown Jewel. I remember that I told my parents that I wanted a princess bed and they shopped around and bought me this because it sounded like a princess bed. I didn’t realize that it was a special edition and that my parents must have spent a fortune on it. I loved that mattress so much and I had it from age 6 all the way through college. I would probably still be sleeping on it if my husband and I could fit on a twin size. 😉 Below I will include some additional information on different models and cool things like that. Until next time, this is todays Top Pick from your Favorite Bedding Chick.

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  1. I have had several Emails regarding the Crown Jewel series by Sealy Posturepedic. The biggest question I get is regarding the difference between a Crown Jewel and a traditional Posturepedic mattress. The biggest difference is in the quality of padding and coils. When you upgrade to a Crown Jewel mattress from a Posturpedic you gain a higher density foam package that will translate into more support and pressure relief. Sealy has been the top producer of mattresses for at least the past 40 years. They release the Crown Jewel as a special addition every so often to showcase higher end technologies at an affordable price. Better coils. Better foam and an overall esthetic that is more than pleasing to the eye. If you have any additional questions about the Sealy Crown Jewel product feel free to contact me. Please rate my page if you like what you have seen.


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