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Encore Pillowtop Jamison Mattress
Jamison Custom Resort Encore Pillowtop

I have to give it to Jamison. While other mattress manufactures are scrambling to find materials because of the 2020 shortage, Jamison Bedding developed the most advanced sleep system to date. They have taken their classic Custom Resort mattresses and added a Silk Cooling Cover and Gel Memory Foam all while keeping the models soy-based. This has been a driving force behind this series for many years. A lot of consumers are becoming more aware and sensitive to what materials are being used in the manufacturing of their household items. The Soy Based Core technology is utilized in the Custom Resort 1000-6000 models. If you have one of these mattresses or want to share an experience you’ve had with Jamison Custom Resort mattresses please do below.


  1. I wanted to wait for a few weeks before I wrote a review on my Jamison M-5000 mattress. I wanted to give my body time to adjust to it. I have to say I am sleeping great! I originally purchased it because I was sleeping hot on my memory foam mattress. The Jamison Resort M-5000 has a cooling cover and Gel pad that is very cool and comfortable. I would highly recommend this mattress if you have trouble sleeping hot.

  2. We have been looking for a Latex mattress for a while. Very few mattress companies make latex mattresses these days. Fortunately we found a local Jamison mattress store that had the new Jamison PR-9000 Latex mattress. This is the most comfortable mattress ever! It has a cooling fabric on the to that is ice cold which is great because I sleep hot. The mattress is made of foam and feels great for side sleeping.

  3. We just bought a Cool Tex Villa Luxe Jamison mattress and can’t wait to have it delivered. We went to several mattress stores and tried at least 10 different mattress brands. The Jamison simply felt the best and had the best warranty. We are getting it delivered today and will be sleeping great tonight!

  4. We love our new Executive Luxe Hybrid mattress by Jamison. My husband travels a lot for work and always says the Marriott Beds are the best so for Christmas this year I surprised him with a new Custom Resort Jamison mattress like the Marriott mattress. I was a little nervous about giving a mattress as a present but he said it’s probably the best Christmas gift he has ever gotten. I so excited!

  5. We just bought our second Executive Luxe by Jamison Custom Resort mattress. We have had one in our master bedroom for a couple of years and love it. We needed to replace our daughters mattress and she wanted the same one. Great value and extremely comfortable.

  6. I just bought a villa Euro Plush mattress by Jamison for our guestroom. It is actually more comfortable than my mattress. I’m thinking about putting in in my room and putting my old one in the guestroom.

  7. We bought an Encore Pillowtop Jamison and it is amazing! Best mattress we have had. It is super soft and comfy with plenty of lower lumbar support. We can’t wait to get to bed at night.


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