Basin Park Plush by Englander

Grand Westin by Englander
Black Label Mattress by Englander. Grand Westin

Englander has really upped their game with the NEW Basin Park Plush by Englander. This mattress has been on of the top sellers in the Resort Collection time and time again. Now they are adding premium soy based foam and organic cotton to make an already natural based mattress even more appealing for those conscious the chemical content in their household goods. Because this mattress is commercial grade in it’s design the durability factor is up their with some of the finest mattresses available. If you have had an experience with the Englander Resort Collection or Basin Park Plush mattress please leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you.


  1. This is our second Englander mattress. We bought a queen size Basin Park Plush by Englander 7 years ago and it has been the best mattress we have ever had. We recently moved and wanted to get the same model in a king size and give the queen to our son. We called the original store that sold us the Englander mattress and they were very helpful in shipping us the same mattress in a king size. Great quality and comfort!

  2. We love our Basin Park Plush Englander hybrid mattress. Best back support we’ve had on any bed. Highly recommend this mattress.

  3. We bought the Basin Park Plush Englander mattress in a king size for ourselves and a queen for our guestroom. We absolutely love it and the guests always compliment it as well. Money well spent!

  4. We have an Arlington mattress by Englander which sounds very similar to the Basin Park mentioned above. We have had it for 9 years and it has bee great. We are thinking about upgrading to a king size and wondered if you know if this model is similar to the Arlington?

  5. Thanks for the blog! We took your advise and bought a Basin Park Plush hybrid mattress this weekend. Slept on it last night and WOW! Great support and plush comfort. Even sleeps cool.


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