Jamison Custom 360


A couple of months ago I wrote a short piece about some the changes that were coming down the pike at Jamison.  As you readers know I am a big fan of Jamison.  Many of the models I have written about in the past have been discontinued or have evolved into new updated versions.  I will go into some detail about these at a later date.  Today I want to talk about a completely new model that has really impressed me.

The Jamison Custom 360 has what I can only describe as the coolest top fabric I have ever experienced.  This thing feels like it is cooled by an air conditioner.  I asked one of the designers about how they achieved this and she said that they use one of the highest yarn density fabrics in the industry.  She said that the density makes all the difference in the world.  It is the same reason why your granite counter tops always feel cold.  It is denser than other materials and it stays cool.  To me that makes it a winner in my book but they upped the comfort level to point that I have not experienced before in a Jamison.  Please run out and try one ASAP.


P.S.  The 360 is a cushion firm model so if that is your jam it will do.  If you prefer a softer mattress the 460 is the same mattress with a softer top.

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  1. I’m not sure if this is the same model I purchased however I do know that it is a Jamison Custom Resort mattress and probably the most supportive mattress I have ever owned. My husband had been complaining about his lower back hurting in the morning and his Chiropractor recommended that he try a Jamison mattress. We did some research and ordered one. His back feels a lot better and I’m even waking up more rested lately.


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