i snooze pillow by Legendaire

i snooze pillow by Legendaire
i snooze pillow by Legendaire

I have to tell you about the NEW i snooze pillow by Legendaire. I am somewhat of a pillow snob and have been through every pillow on the market it seems. The i snooze pillow is very supportive on my neck which has helped relive pressure. I have to see a chiropractor regularly for my neck and usually change my pillow on a monthly basis. Not anymore! I have been enjoying the Legendaire i snooze pillow for a couple of months and have slept better than ever. Let us know what you think about yours.


  1. I bought an Aspen Park Plush by Legendaire and a couple of i snooze pillows with it. Finally I have found the perfect pair. The combination of both have really improved my sleep. My back feels great in the morning and my neck has never felt better. I love my Legendaire mattress and pillow!

  2. Best pillow I have ever had. My neck feels great and it keeps me from getting all hot during the night. Totally worth the price of admission.

  3. I am so impressed with the i snooze pillow by Legendaire. I am such a pillow snob and I have gone through hundreds of dollars worth of pillows. The i snooze is the first one that has given my neck a pain a considerable amount of relief. If you need good neck support I highly recommend this pillow.

  4. I love my i snooze pillow! I have been through so many pillows and they all hurt my neck. The i snooze pillow has been the first one that I wake up without any pain. Love. Love. Love it!

  5. This pillow is I knew that Legendaire made luxury mattresses but was unaware that they had pillows too. I have gone through so many different kinds of pillows and could never find one that didn’t make my neck hurt in the morning. The I snooze is perfection. My neck feels so good. I highly recommend this pillow for anyone with neck issues.


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