Homestead Mattresses by Corsicana


Hey y’all! I know it’s been a minute. I am excited to share some awesome new finds from the Las Vegas furniture and mattress expo. I usually roam around while my husband has business meetings. It allows me to check out all of the new awesomeness that the bedding and furniture industry has to offer. I wanted to highlight one of my new favorite brands. I was checking out some mattress vendors and stumbled across the Corsicana mattress showroom. I have always been drawn to American made brands that have managed to push through even with the competitive nature of cheaper online china imports.

I was surprised by the level of quality and workmanship displayed in the Homestead Collection by Corsicana. They were competitively priced. They were loaded to the top with premium materials from Gel Cooling Foam, Wrapped Coils with center Support Zones, and even some of the finest quality USA made fabrics and premium textiles.¬† I got a chance to speak with a representative form the Corsicana¬† Hospitality and Hotel division. I was surprised to find that they are featured in some of the highest rated resorts and hotels around. But it really shouldn’t be a surprise that the Plaza Hotel Las Vegas, the Peabody, and even the Preferred Hotel Group which includes Hilton and many others.

I will be doing some follow up blogs on specific models from the Corsicana Homestead Collection. Meanwhile if you have had an experience with this brand or simply have a question, please leave a comment below. Also feel free to rate this post to show me some love.

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