Grand Astoria by Legendaire with Aloe Vera

Grand Astoria by Legendaire
Grand Astoria by Legendaire

Have you ever slept in a 5 star Resort or Hotel and wondered why you slept so well? Legendaire family of luxury brands have been distributing mattresses to the top resorts and hotels for over 50 years. One of my personal favorites is the Grand Astoria by Legendaire. This mattress captures the luxury comfort you expect out of a 5 Star hospitality outfit, with the support of a commercial grade mattress. Well done! Check out more Legendaire mattress reviews here.


  1. To answer the person below I would say YES! The Grand Astoria Legendaire mattress is the way to go. I struggled for years to find the right mattress before I finally found the Grand Astoria. It totally stopped my hip pain in the morning. I thing the Gel foam and individual coils are the prefect combination for the best nights rest.

  2. I am considering purchasing a Grand Astoria mattress made by Legendaire. My question is, can it work on an adjustable base? I already have the base and want to make sure this model can work on it. I have a Sealy Ease base. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Great question! Yes. The Grand Astoria Legendaire mattress will work great on an adjustable base. The commercial grade materials hold up well under extensive use. Thanks for your question.

  3. I just ordered my Grand Astoria Legendaire mattress and will we here in a couple of days. My friend bought one and swears by it. Can’t wait to get a good night’s rest finally.

  4. This mattress is 10 X better than any mattress we have ever bought. I actually can;t wait to get to bed now because it is so comfortable. If you like a cushion top with great lower lumbar support you should check out the Grand Astoria by Legendaire.


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