European Memory Foam

European Memory Foam

So, what’s the deal with Memory Foam? I get question like this a lot. I was doing some research and was surprised to learn that Memory Foam was invented in Europe. Apparently it was designed for the European space program. After doing a bit of checking I found that one of the top producers of European Memory Foam is Malouf Wellsville mattresses. They are hand crafted in Spain and have a truly unique feel.

What’s the difference in European Foam vs. American foam?

European Memory Foam uses materials that are Certi-Pur which is a high standard for non-toxic chemicals. I love this idea. It’s so nice to know that your mattress is not off gassing toxic chemicals while you are sleeping.

This video by Mattress Gallery Direct mattress stores in Murfreesboro, Franklin, & Smyrna TN. will give you a glimpse of what Malouf Wellsville mattresses are all about

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  1. I slept on a Malouf Wellsville mattress at a friends house. Probably the most comfortable mattress I have experienced. I thought about getting one but their are no mattress stores in my area that sell them. Probably going to find out which model I slept on and just order it.

  2. Bought a Wellsville mattress online. I was a little nervous about buying a mattress before trying it but we absolutely love it! it’s different than anything I have ever slept on before. Supports every part of the body and feels great on my hips.


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