Golden Coast Chinese Restaurant


I was downtown Nashville taking the kids for a checkup.  Let me tell you how much things have change since the last time I was downtown, let alone over the past several years.  I drove the kids around, and show them all of the big buildings, when I heard “Mommy I’m hungry!”.

i was driving down West End at the time, when I saw the Golden Coast Chinese Restaurant.  I remembered eating there once before, and I remembered them having a buffet.  The kids love buffets, so I stopped.

this is one of the last original buildings downtown, and there was a lot of construction.  We had to park around back, but it was free.  The food was very good, or I could have just been very hungry.  The kids had a great time, could be because the sever gave them balloons.

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  1. I am in love with the food here. I haven’t been in a while. Trying to do the whole New Years resolution thing. On second thought, forget being thin!! I’ll keep my curves and have some Generals Chicken!! Lol

  2. I like this place a lot. I love to go to businesses that have been innnashville for years. Supporting small biz. Is important to me.


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