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Okay, so get this.  My husband and I just purchased a new Easman Mattress from Mattress Gallery Direct, and we love it.  We have been talking about replacing the mattress in the spare room for some time now, but it looks as if our new dog thinks that it’s time to replace it right now.  She scratched a whole right in the middle of the mattress, so it’s back to MGD.

Our original salesman was at a different location that day, so we spoke to Billy.  He was every bit as nice as our first salesman, and just as informative.  He showed us The Marriott Bed by Jamison, and it was just perfect.  Stop the search right there.  When can it be delivered?  It turns out that they were able to get it to us the very same day.  I love this place, and my mother-in-law really loves our new mattress.(see Home Page to learn how I get my reviews, comments, and content)


  1. We love the mattresses at the Marriott Hotels. We didn’t even realize until recently that you can buy a Jamison mattress just like the ones in the actual hotel and resorts. We ordered a Jamison Custom Resort mattress from a local store in Franklin TN. Love the mattress and would highly recommend the Jamison bedding brand.

  2. We just bought one of the Marriott mattresses by Jamison from Mattress Gallery Direct in Murfreesboro TN. They gave us a great deal and had it in stock to deliver same day. Nothing like starting the new year with a great nights rest.

  3. It’s hard to beat Marriott quality. Great hotel. I have always enjoyed their mattresses. They seem to give better support than other hotel chains I have been to. I recently purchased an Executive Luxe Custom Resort Jamison mattress for the house. Feels like vacation every night.

  4. The Jamison Custom Resort mattresses are the best quality I’ve seen in a while. I used to work in the bedding industry and recently found myself in need of a new mattress. I always new that Jamisom bedding made high quality U.S.A products but this new series was especially impressive. I bought the Custom Resort 6000 model. It sleeps cool and is very soft with plenty of back support. The 20 year warranty really sold me.

  5. I recently purchased the Resort Custom 3000 mattress by Jamison form a local mattress store. It is very comfortable on my back. If you have lower back pain I would recommend trying on of these. It also has a cooling top that is very refreshing.

  6. Marriott has the most comfortable Jamison mattresses. We sleep on Jamison mattresses exclusively. My uncle use to work for Jamison Custom Bedding Co. in Franklin TN. many years ago. He would always get us the hook up on great deals. Wish he could still do that. Lol. Now we have to pay full price. But it is still worth every penny.

  7. We have been purchasing Jamison bedding products from Mattress Gallery Direct for several years. They always have great prices and selection. The last Jamison mattress we got there was a Latex Hybrid model. We have really enjoyed the unique comfort that the latex provides.

  8. I totally agree! The Marriott Bed is amazingly great. I have stayed several hotels as well and they always feel the best. They are not cheap but sometimes you can find a good deal at a mattress gallery. I found one that was on a factory direct discount special in Nashville tn. They are manufactured in Nashville so you can get good overstock deals occasionally.

  9. I am SOLD! I just stayed in a Marriott hotel at a convention in Nashville Tn. It was the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. To my surprise the lady at the front desk told me that the Hotel sells the same mattress online. I bought on immediately. It should arrive this Friday. I so happy. You have to check this mattress out next time you are in a Marriott. It is made by Jamison Bedding in Galatin Tn.

  10. Jamison is the best mattress company in the US as far as I am concerned. I have had a few over the years and they have never failed me. My newest Jamison is the Marriott Bed. I bought it from Mattress Gallery Direct in Nashville Tn. They had a great deal. Much better than the online price. If you live in the Smyrna, Columbia, Murfreesboro, Thompson Station, Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Cool springs area, they deliver and have everything in stock!

  11. If you are going to buy the Marriott bed you should check out mattress gallery direct in Murfreesboro of Franklin tn. They do have the best prices and I stock for Immediate delivery.

  12. The Marriott Bed is the best mattress I have ever had. I bought mine at Mattress Gallery Direct Murfreesboro Tn. instead of the online store because It was half the price. My back feels great.

  13. I have researched Simmons Beautyrest, Sealy posture pedic, Stearns and foster, tempur pedic select comfort etc… You name it and I have tried it. By far the most comfortable mattress I have ever tried was the Marriott Bed. I got a chance to check it out at Mattress Gallery Direct in Murfreesboro tn. ( they also have stores in Murfreesboro) I got it at an outstanding price and could not be happier.

  14. The Marriott bed is something I have been researching for some time now. After reading the reviews here on Tammy Lynn I contacted the folks at Mattress Gallery Direct and got one ordered. Even after shipping it was considerably less expensive that the other sites I researched.

  15. Marriott has the best beds. I never knew you could buy them. I am going to check the Mattress Gallery Direct out since they have been so highly recommended.

  16. Because of this review I went to Mattress Gallery Direct and bought the Marriott Mattress by Jamison. It is incredible. So supportive which is nice because I have a spinal fusion. I have slept through the night more than I ever have. I checked with Mattress Gallery and they do have stores in Franklin and Murfreesboro. So if you are in the Nashville area they should be easy to find.

  17. The Marriott Mattress is really dreamy. I slept on one over the summer vacation and likes so much that I ordered one online. I wish I had known about this mattress gallery direct store in murfreesboro because it sounds like I would have saved a ton. Oh well its still GREAT!

  18. I know! Isn’t it just amazing. It is crazy that Mattress Gallery Direct has the Marriott Bed for almost half the price of the online store. Thanks Tammy Lynn for the awesome blog site.

  19. I bought my Jamison Marriott Mattress from Mattress Galleru Direct in Coolsprings. It is so awesome!! Firm and supportive but plush as well.

  20. OMG!! I just bought that same mattress form Mattress Gallery Direct. Isn’t it amazing? I have stayed in the Marriott Hotels so many times and evey time we comment on how great the mattress is. when I found out that there is an MGD in Murfreesboro tn. I went straight there and bought the mattress. And get this, it was half the price that I had seen online!!! Also another nice perk of the Jamison Marriott Bed is that it is soy based foam and Certi Pure Us so you don’t have to worry about a lot of toxic chemicals in your bedroom. It would have been neat to run into you Tammy Lynn!!


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