BEST Organic & Natural Mattresses 2021

Organic & Natural Mattress
Organic & Natural Mattresses in 2021

Hey ya’ll! I have had several requests to discuss the organic and natural mattresses available on the market. This is a very interesting topic to me because I pay close attention to the quality of materials that I bring in to my home. It would surprise you what kind of chemicals are considered “safe” to use in manufacturing common household items from furniture, mattresses, to household cleaners. While it is difficult to find a 100% organic mattress, it is very possible to find companies using organic and natural materials that can make a huge difference for your peace of mind.

Here are the top materials and components to pay attention to when shopping for the best organic & natural mattresses in 2021.

  • Organic or Natural Upholstery. This includes the cover and border of the mattress. Organic cotton, tencel, bamboo, aoe, and even viscose can be better alternatives to traditional polyester.
  • Soy Based Bio Foam. Most foam is made up of a petroleum base whereas soy based foam is a more naturally derived alternative.
  • Certi-Pur US and OEKO -TEX Standard 100 Certifications. These certifications show that the manufacturer is interested in using more pure materials with less chemicals.

There are many name brand mattresses that use organic & natural materials. Here is a list of the ones I have found to be the most reliable.

  • Aireloom Bedding
  • Hastens
  • Vi-Spring
  • Englander Resort Collection
  • Naturpedic
  • Legendaire
  • Latex Bliss
  • Duxiana Sweden
  • Restonic Biltmore Hierloom

Of course there are other great brands with organic and natural materials to make mattresses. These are the companies I have come across and found to be the best. Feel free to reply to this blog If you have other brands you would like to share. Please rate this page if you like what you’ve seen.

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