Aloe Atlantis by Englander

Aloe Atlantis by Englander
Englander Resort Collection Aloe Atlantis

Today I want to highlight the new Aloe Atlantis by Englander. This mattress has been a staple in the Resort Collection series for many years and now has gotten some cool upgrades. Englander has decided to go soy-based on all of the upholstery layers in this mattress to offer a more natural approach to comfort. This ensures optimal durability and peace of mind. The less chemicals the better right? They are also using organic cotton exclusively in the series as well. With all of the imported materials coming from who knows where, it is nice to know Englander has got you covered with American made natural components. Leave a question or comment below if you have had an experience with this mattress.


  1. Best mattress ever! We bought the Atlantis Aloe Englander mattress after sleeping on an Englander in our resort on spring break. When we got home we had to get a new mattress. We slept so well. We found a company online that had the Resort Collection Englander mattresses and order ours. We love it!

  2. Our Aloe Atlantis Englander mattress is amazing. We bought it with an adjustable base and our backs feel great in the morning and we wake up well rested. Totally worth the extra money.

  3. We went shopping this week for mattresses to get the fourth of July discounts. We found an Aloe Atlantis mattress by Englander after trying what seemed like dozens of brands. This is the most luxurious mattress we have ever slept on. We didn’t have to wait for weeks because it was in stock and delivered same day. 5 stars for the mattress and the whole experience.

  4. We were going to wait until memorial day to go mattress shopping but found a great deal on the Aloe Atlantis mattress. We had an englander mattress in California for many years and loved it. Had a hard time finding an englander dealer in the south but one store had the resort series and had a good offer.

  5. We bought the Aloe Atlantis Englander mattress a several months ago and have been loving it every night. No more back pain. Even sleeps cooler than our last mattress. 5 Stars for sure.


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