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If you haven’t heard of Malouf then you are missing out. They make some of the best and most comfortable Pillows, Sheets and mattress toppers. My husband just informed me that our favorite bedding company just released a new line of high end Wellsville European style gel memory foam mattresses. What!?!? He had me at European. I went to Europe one time and fell in love with the whole bedding experience. They really pay attention to detail in the bedroom across the pond. I remember having some of the best nights rest ever while abroad. Now Malouf is releasing their new edition Wellsville mattresses and I am so excited. We really don’t need a new mattress but OMG. If I can recreate that European feel in my own bedroom, you better believe I going to make that happen. Good thing my husband works in the bedding industry and has all of the hook ups because I’m sure they aren’t cheap. Even though I haven’t slept on one yet, I’m still calling it a Top Pick with your Favorite Bedding Chick. Be sure to check out more information below about different models and styles. If you like what you’ve read, please rate my blog. It helps me improve.


  1. I tried the Wellsville WE14″ at a local mattress gallery and it was awesome. After some convincing my husband agreed to go to the store this weekend and after about 3 seconds on it he pulled out his Amex and it was ours. I have never seen him this excited about a household product. Golf clubs maybe but not a mattress. We have had it about three weeks at this point and we can already tell a huge difference. Girls drag your significant others to the nearest mattress store and make him spend just a few minutes on one and he will be just as stoked as my hubs was. I guarantee it.

  2. I recently bought a purple mattress and didn’t like it so we had to purchase a new mattress. A friend of ours purchased a Wellsville mattress by Malouf and raves about it. We ordered the same model and have to agree. It is very comfortable. I like that you can’t feel it when one of us moves. My husband use to toss and turn but I have noticed that he hasn’t done so since we bought the new mattress. The model is the Wellsville 14″ Hybrid Gel if that helps.

  3. For those of you who are not ready to get a whole new mattress set I have suggestion. Try the Isolus mattress toppers that Malouf has come out with. They use the same foams that you will find in the Wellsville by Malouf mattresses. These little beauties can help you get a little extra life out of your current mattress and it can take a mattress you may love up a peg. I have the 3.5″ down alternative on my Wellsville right now and I love it. There are also Gel Memory Foam, Latex Foam and straight Gel options available.

  4. Some of my readers have asked me about the gel in my Wellsville by Malouf mattress. They want to know if the gel will freeze them during the night. I find that the gel really just neutralizes the temperature. I don’t heat up throughout the night and I don’t get too cold either.

  5. I just found out that I will be attending the big Furniture and Mattress Expo in non other than Las Vegas. I can’t wait to see the folks at the Malouf booth. I want to tell them first hand how much their Wellsville by Malouf mattress has dome for me. They also have a chef that travels with them so eating some killer food is also on my list. I will let you guys know about all of the awesome Wellsville Gel Memory Foam, Latex and Hybrid mattresses I will get to try. I love their modern take on the whole mattress industry. I will also give you the low down on all of the great bedding they are going to be showing. They are introducing a line of pillows that are infused with essential oils like Lavender and Peppermint. My hubs told me that I could pick out all new bedding for the whole house. I think I may get the Chamomile infused pillow. It will go great with my nightly Sleepy Time Chamomile Tea. Get ready for a ton of new post on my return.

  6. I had a message from on of my loyal subscribers about the Wellsville by Malouf line. She wanted to know what I thought about buying one online. There are some online retailers of the line. Amazon is one of the largest. I would say that would be a last resort for 2 major reasons. I have always said that buying a mattress is a hands on experience. #1. You can’t learn enough about the comfort of a mattress from just reading about it. Online mattress sales have a 30%-40% return rate. It is so high because it is easy to make a mistake if you haven’t tried it first. The return is a huge hassle. #2. Wellsville mattesses are a MAP pricing product. That means the manufacturer sets the price. Online retailers have to sell it for a specific price set by Malouf. Mattress Gallery type stores have the ability to offer discounts and intensives so you could save a lot of money. I mean like $1000.00 or more than online prices. That kind of savings is worth getting up off the couch to check it out in person. Good Luck Everyone. Bye For Now>

    • Tammy Lynn, I agree! I tried several mattresses….you HAVE to try them first! I finally settled on the Wellsville also…a WONDERFUL mattress, cannot say enough good about it. Leslie

  7. I know you guys are probably getting sick of hearing me talk about me new Wellsville WE14 mattress. I just can’t say enough good things about it. As my son would say “It is bad to the bone.” His words not mine. My back is not only feeling better when I get up in the morning it is also holding up better throughout the day. I visited my Chiropractor and even she said that there was something different. Do yourself a favor and try one of these out right now. Turn off your phone or computer and go.

  8. I had another great night sleep on my new Wellsville. Its is snowing outside as I write this and it reminded me of a question I got from one of my awesome readers. She wanted to know if gel memory foam mattresses slept too cold in the winter. IT is hard to explain but the Gel seems to know what temperature I need to be. When the room is really warm it does have a cooling effect but when the room is cold it kind of neutralizes the cold. I’ll give you an update when the warmer months come around but for now I can say that even though it is freezing outside I am cozy as a bug in a rug inside.

  9. I forgot to mention yesterday that one of the things I liked most about my new Wellsville by Malouf mattress is that it did not have the funky smell that I always associate with the all foam. Most all foam mattresses have to air out for a couple of days to get rid of the smell. It gives me a killer headache every time. The Wellsville didn’t have to air out because the nasty gasses aren’t there to begin with. It is nice to know that the folks at Malouf care enough about the environment and my health to design an alternative to the other toxic gel memory foam products out there.

  10. The results are in. Wellsville by Malouf is my new jam. The hubs surprised me with a We14, which is the 14″ version of Wellsville by Malouf’s gel memory foam mattress, for a birthday / Christmas present this year. I loved our previous mattress and thought it could not get any better but I was wrong. The gel memory foam not only keeps my crazy back in check it also keeps me nice and cool through out the night. I am three weeks in to my new Wellsville and it keeps getting better every night. I’ll keep you guys and gals updated over the next couple months.


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