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I cannot speak for anyone else, but Target is one of my favorite stores. I always go in with a plan to spend less than $50, and then I come out with a couple hundred dollars worth of items that I do not even need. I think it is the coffee that I buy when I first walk in, as now, almost every Target has to have a Starbucks at the entrance. It is not bad enough that I already spend $200 at Target, but I now have to add on a $5 coffee that I probably should not be drinking to begin with.

My favorite sections to look at are the electronics (as I have a cell phone case addiction), gym clothes (who does not love to work out in cute clothing?), purses (I am a female, after all), and journals (because I love how they look, but I never actually end up using them like I plan to). I can buy anything I might want at Target, from clothing to food. It makes shopping easy when you have to go buy a wide variety of things, that’s for sure.

If you are looking to go casually shopping with some friends, I highly recommend Target, as you can grab drink from Starbucks, and roam the shop while catching up with friends. The staff is always helpful and and the shops themselves are always very clean.(see Home Page to learn how I get my reviews, comments, and content)

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