The Avenue


I have lived in Murfreesboro, TN for some time now, and haven’t really taken the time to appreciate The Avenue (outdoor shopping plaza).  I have driven by in on a number of occasions, and I have even eaten at Mimi’s Cafe, but I have not walked the plaza.  Well, yesterday I decided to walk around.  I can’t believe how nice it was.  All of the shops that I have been missing are right here.  They have been under my nose this whole time.  Of course, I spent some time in the stores…  Maybe just a little shopping.  Okay, a little more than “just a little.”  I found a lot of deals, and even picked something up for my husband, let’s call it Valentine’s Day…  It also helped soften the blow.(see Home Page to learn how I get my reviews, comments, and content)


  1. There are a ton of great stores at this out door style mall. It is great in the warmer months however I find myself not going as much when it id cold.

  2. This is mall is close to my apartment. I usually go there on my off days to shop and eat. There are some amazing places to eat there.


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