Stearns & Foster


Hey guys. I just got back in town from a furniture and Mattress expo that I tagged along with my husband on. I love when we get to go to these bedding and furniture shows. I a natural born shopper, so it’s like heaven for me. We tested some cool products out and had a blast. I wanted to brand on the mattress that I slept on while we were at the hotel. I’m pretty sure it was a Ritz Carlton or affiliate. The mattress was awesome. I know that a lot of hotels are starting to get nicer beds in their rooms but this one stood out far and beyond any one I have slept on in an actual hotel. I checked the tag on the mattress and I knew right away why it felt so good. It was a Stearns & Foster. Well of course it would feel great, I thought to myself. Stearns and Foster is the epitome fine quality luxury bedding. I was just surprised that the hotel invested that much into their bedding in each room. That made me feel great. The room certainly wasn’t cheap and know I know why. I was impressed that the hotel paid that kind of attention to detail to make sure their guests simply have the best. I asked my husband about the mattress and he told me that they make several models from firm, medium to soft and are all very highly rated among consumers. I know I would give it 5 stars. Below I will provide a list of different models and styles if you are interested in checking out a Stearns and Foster. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more Top Picks from your Favorite Bedding Chick.

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