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Does threat count really count? The answer to this question is NO it does not. Companies just want us all to think that. There are many factors to think of when you are buying sheets and threat count is not one of them. I started doing research on this because I wanted to buy new sheets for my bed. But when I started looking at the prices I realized that the higher the threat count the higher the price on them. Well I have a problem with that as many of you I’m sure do as well. The good thing is we don’t have to look at threat count. After the count of 200 it doesn’t really matter. The high-quality sheets often have a lower threat count. Why because they use a better fibers and weave. These are the factors that make your sheets soft and smooth.

What I have found out in my search for the better quality sheets is that when you look at the package you want to look for Egyptian long staple, Egyptian cotton, pima, or supima. If you can’t seem to find those, then look for organic cotton, cotton-poplin, cotton-polyester, and bamboo. These are going to be the higher quality. The next thing to look for is the weave. Quality sheets will list percale, sateen, or jacquard weave. The difference is what you like better. Either a crisp feel, sateen or a soft.

All though price does matter when you are buying sheets what you really want to look for are the items I have spoke about not the threat count.  Most of these sheets can be purchased at your local stores Walmart, Target, you don’t have to shop at the high end stores to get good quality sheets.  I chose to go with the bamboo sheets they are so soft ,and they hold up really well in the wash. I hope that I have helped you and that next time you are out shopping for the perfect sheets you don’t make the age old mistake and go by threat count.(see Home Page to learn how I get my reviews, comments, and content)


  1. I have been really in to the Italian Hand woven sheets by Malouf. I bought one with my Wellsville mattress.I really appreciate all of the awesome advice and comments on this blog. I love quality bedding so this is right up my alley.

  2. Thanks Brenda for the recommendation on the Mattress Gallery with the factory direct prices. I went and bought bedding and ended up buy a Stearns and Foster as well. The place was great!

  3. Yes Brenda I have had Bamboo sheets before. I fell in love with the coolness and texture right away. BTW I’m so glad to see that you visited my friends at Mattress Gallery Direct in Murfreesboro Tn.

  4. I love bamboo sheets. They are so cool. A gentleman that works for Mattress Gallery Direct in Murfreesboro Tn. told me about bamboo an I have been very happy with them. Has anyone else here had any experiences with Bamboo?

  5. I love shopping for sheets but this has always been a concern for me. Because there are so many different thread counts and types of woven material I have had a hard time understanding the difference. I buy my sheets from a nice gallery that has bedding and mattress sales. Sometimes I can even get direct prices on real high end sheets. Thats always a bonus.

  6. I am a sheet snob and the funny thing is I always prefer the lower thread count higher quality cotton just like you were saying Tammy! Thanks for the awesome review site.

  7. AMEN!! My favorite sheets are are Dream Fit Pima cotton 400 TC. They are not the highest thread count however the cotton quality is phenomenal.

  8. I really appreciate this article. I have often wondered about thread count. I bought some nice sheets and a mattress from a gallery direct store in murfreesboro Tn. They said the same thing you did. Thanks Tammy Lynn.


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