Rosewood Firm by Englander

Rosewood Firm by Englander
Rosewood Firm by Englander Resort Collection

Now here is one for the classic firm mattress lover. The Rosewood Firm by Englander captures the original firm support that made Englander famous. Although firm mattresses aren’t my forte, I am very impressed with the durability. This is certainly a home run for the Resort Collection by Englander.


  1. The Rosewood Firm Englander mattress has saved my back. I had a Beautyrest that had given out in the middle and was affecting my back. Bought the Rosewood mattress and from the first night my back felt better. Great mattress if you need something firm and supportive.

  2. the Rosewood Firm Englander mattress is the perfect level of firmness for us. We have had beautyrest and serta but they didn’t last very long. We love our new Englander mattress.

  3. We started the new year with a new mattress! We did tons of research to find the best quality firm mattress available and we decided on the rosewood Firm by Englander. This mattress is in the Resort Collection and has a great warranty which is important for us. The firmness level is great. You can just tell that it is made with top quality materials.

  4. I have been putting off buying a new mattress for too long. I went to some mattress stores over the weekend. I have narrowed it down to a couple of different options. My favorite is the Rosewood Firm by Englander and the second choice is a Sealy Cushion Firm. I’ll probably buy the Englander even though it is a little more expensive than the Sealy mattress.

  5. I was researching purple mattresses online and somehow came across Englander mattresses. The reviews we good and we have a local shop that sells them. I wanted something real firm. I tried several brands and ultimately decide the Rosewood Firm by Englander was the best option. It has been a good mattress.

  6. Bought a Rosewood Firm Englander mattress over labor day weekend and have really been impressed with it. We have been looking for a really traditional firm mattress at a decent price and the Rosewood felt great and happened to be on sale for the weekend. So far it has exceeded our expectations.

  7. We have been through several mattress brands in the past few years. We could never find one that was firm enough until we bought the Rosewood Firm by Englander. It is the best mattress we have had in years. The salesman explained that it has commercial grade coils and we thought that would be better for long term use. We love it.


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