Jamison Hybrid Mattresses M-4000 & M-5000

Jamison M-4000 & M-5000 Hybrid Mattress
Jamison M-4000 & M-5000 Hybrid Mattress

Very few companies get to enjoy the kind of respect that Jamison Bedding acquired over the years. They have been the preferred vendor of the Marriott Hotels for over 50 years. While other companies sit back and rest on their laurels, Jamison is still developing new advanced products. The latest edition to the Jamison Resort Collection is their M-4000 & M-5000 Hybrid mattresses. These mattresses really pack a punch. They offer cool to the touch technology with premium Gel Foam and Resort grade Wrapped Coils. You really have to feel these mattresses to understand how comfortable they are.


  1. We went with the Jamison M-4000 Hybrid mattress. It was a touch firmer than the M-5000 and we prefer a little bit of a firmer feel. But it isn’t too firm which is how we like it. The cooling technology is out of this world comfortable. I have been getting hot flashes in recent months and the cooling material in our Jamison M-4000 has helped out o lot.

  2. We bought a Jamison M-5000 Hybrid mattress a few weeks ago and OMG! it is amazing. My husbands back has not been hurting in the morning and I am not sleeping hot anymore. I am so thankful that we found this mattress.


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