Health & Wellness by Capital Bedding

capital bedding mattress manufacturer
Back, Hip, and Neck support mattresses by CapitalBedding Co.

If you know me at all, you know that I have struggled for many years with lower back pain. With my husband being a bedding industry consultant I have come to learn the importance of having a great quality mattress for overall health.

I was doing some checking around for a friend to find a mattress manufacturer that specialized in chiropractic or specialty health bedding. When I was at the Tupelo Furniture and Mattress trade show I stopped by the Capital Bedding Company. The fact that their sign said “Health & Wellness” peaked my interest. This is exactly what I was on the hunt for. I got an opportunity to talk with Frank Paladino, President of Marketing & Design. He gave me an awesome education on coils and foams. Capital Bedding uses only the best that are geared specifically towards helping with back, hip, neck etc. issues. The product line was beautiful and the mattresses were very supportive.


  1. I have a Lancaster Pillow Top made by Capital. I love it. When I go out of town I miss my mattress more than my dog. My Brother got the Lancaster Firm version and he raves about its comfort and support.


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