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Anyone who really knows me, knows that I don’t like to fly.  Well here I ham high in the sky.  I just couldn’t pass up the chance to see Vegas.  My in-laws invited us on their vacation, and we jumped on it.  A chance to stay at the finest hotels, and eat at the finest restaurants.  You know pretend that we are someone that we are not.

We stayed at a great resort right on the strip.  Just a walk to any place that we wanted to go.  This includes the walk to see Elmo and friends for the kids.  Anyway the hotel was so comfortable that the in-laws decided to come straight home and buy the bed that the hotel had.  It was a commercial grade Englander Resort Collection mattress for hotels and hospitality.  This works out great for us, because they are putting it into the guest room that we use when we visit.(see Home Page to learn how I get my reviews, comments, and content)


  1. I am getting my Basin Park Plush by Englander delivered tonight. I am so excited. I really need a good nights rest. My friend has one and says it is Awesome!

  2. We just purchased the Grand Chateau by Englander after owning an Englander latex mattress for over 15 years. We had such a great experience with the last mattress we knew we wanted to get another of the same brand. Totally satisfied with the new one.

  3. I went to several mattress stores to find a good firm mattress. I tried Stearns & Foster and Tempur-pedic and they were both great. My favorite though was the Englander Resort Collection Elite Firm mattress. It checked off all of the boxes for me. It is a Hybrid with firm wrapped coils and a cooling touch top. I have slept great for the past couple of weeks. If you need a good quality firm mattress you should check out the Englander Elite Firm mattress.

  4. We wanted to start the new year right! 2020 was a bit stressful and we decided to take control of our health this year. We started going to a chiropractor and he recommended that we purchase a new mattress. He told us about Englander Resort Collection because they have a specialized back support zone. We bought the Basin Park Plush model and it has been Great!. Can’t wait to get this year going right.

  5. I have been an Englander convert for years. I slept on one when I was on vacation in Carmel CA and I knew I had to have one. I purchased one as soon as I got back to Tennessee. These mattresses can be hard to come by but luckily for me there was a top rated dealer not far from where I live. I purchased the Atlantis for my master and the Basin Park for my guest room. I have to practically kick people out when its time to leave. Every guest I have ever had swear they are going to get and Englander Resort mattress when they get back home. Money well spent.

  6. I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews about these Englander mattresses but I don’t understand why. I LOVE my Englander Resort mattress! Seems to me the people that hate them aren’t doing something right or their complaints don’t add up.

  7. I have had only 2 mattresses in the past 20 years and they were both Englander mattresses. Best beds as far as I’m concerned. I just bought a new king size Atlantis Aloe pillow top in the Resort Collection from Englander and it is so amazing. Supportive but not hard. Totally worth the investment.

  8. I have read so much good things about these Englander Resort Collection mattresses on here that I had to go out and try one. Luckily there was a Mattress Gallery in my town that had about 8 different models to choose from. We started out with a really firm pillow top, I didn’t even know those existed, and ended up on a pretty soft one called the Cloud Pillow Top. I tried a super soft one called the Carlton Cashmere but it was too soft for my hubby. I loved it but we made a good compromise. Thanks Tammy Lynn for all the great advice. Please keep it coming.

  9. I researched natural mattresses for several weeks trying to find a mattress company and brand that didn’t use or at least limited the amount of chemical and toxic material in the mattresses. I read a lot about European brands like Hypnos and Hastens but the prices were way out of my budget. I don’t mind investing good money but I don’t see the need in going crazy with it. I am so glad I found out about Englander mattresses. I read that the Resort collection has all natural cotton and wool fill with soy based foam layering to limit petroleum use. The model we bought was a Carlton Cashmere with Mountain Top Latex that is OEKO TEX Standard 100 which is pretty much the purest you can find. If you are looking for a more natural sleep surface and you don’t want to spend $15,000 on a European import you can get a good Englander Resort Collection mattress for between $4000 and $7000. Best money we have ever spent on a new mattress set. BTW they will work on an adjustable bed frame.

  10. I love my Englander Resort mattress. I tell everybody who will listen about my Atlantis Aloe mattress. I will never buy anything but an Englander. If you have any questions about my experience reply with your question and I will answer.

  11. You can’t beat an Englander Resort Collection mattress. I just bought my second one after sleeping on the last one for 13 years. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old one we just wanted to get a bigger size. I have several friends that have gone through 2 or 3 mattresses in the amount of time I was on the one Englander bed.

  12. I use to work for a furniture store years ago and we sold Englander mattresses. I remember that we had other brands but everyone seemed to like the Englander Resort Collection beds the best. We were the only store around that had these mattresses so people would literally drive from 30 to 60 miles away to purchase them. I bought one shortly before I moved and that was almost 15 years ago. I still have mine. I’m probably going to buy another one soon when I find a dealer close to where I live.

  13. I have never slept so well in my entire life! we bought a new Englander Resort Collection mattress last month. It has been the best 4 weeks of sleep I have had maybe ever.

  14. I’ve been impressed with my Englander mattress that I bought last year. I am in need of a guestroom bed replacement and I would like to get another Englander Resort style mattress. I’m not sure my budget will allow but if anyone knows of a model that is more affordable with the same feel please let me know.

  15. We went shopping over Labor Day weekend for mattresses with the intent on trying every brand to make the best decision for us. We went to several stores and tries several great mattresses. We kept coming back to the Englander Basin Park Plush mattress. We have traveled quite a bit and always wondered why resorts and hotels generally have more comfortable beds. Now we know. The Resort Collection by Englander is used in many of the top resorts and hotels and when we tried the basin park model it felt just like some of the beds we have slept on while traveling. We have now been sleeping on this mattress for almost 3 weeks and it has been terrific. Our backs feel great. No more tossing and turning. We are very satisfied.

  16. I always remember my parents mattress being the most comfortable bed in the world when I was little. I recently went shopping for new mattress and box springs and found a place that sold the Englander brand which is what my parents had. I asked my Dad to text me a pic of his tag on their old mattress because now it is in the guestroom. I was able to match a very similar model in the Resort Collection called a Basin Park Plush. I love my new bed and highly recommend these Hotel and Resort style mattresses!

  17. I love my new Englander mattress. We bought the Grand Chateau Silk model from th Resort Collection. So comfy! We will be recommending this mattress to everyone.

  18. The resort collection by Englander is some of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever experienced. It was hard for us to decide which model to buy because they were all so great. We ended up buying the Atlantis Aloe pillowtop. It has been awesome!

  19. I cant believe I have gone this long without having a real nice mattress. I always thought I was doing right with Beautyrest and Serta but they just don’t last as long as they should. This new Englander Resort Collection Mattress is what I have been waiting for. Its comfortable and durable with an unbelievable 20 year warranty. Very luxurious!

  20. My new Englander Resort Collection mattress I purchased last month. I have been meaning to write a review because this is the best item I have bought in a while. Very luxurious and supportive. I love that it has a 20year warranty too!

  21. As a mother of 3 I am very aware of the products I buy for my home from food to furnishings. I want to make sure my kids are in an environment free from as many chemicals and toxins as I can. That is why I chose Englander resort collection mattresses for all of our bedrooms. Even though they aren’t cheap I love the fact that they are soy based with organic cotton and natural newzealand wool. The even use certipur padding to keep harmful fire retardants out of the bed. If you care about the indoor air quality of your home you should check out an Englander mattress.

  22. My Englander Grand Chateau Resort mattress is my favorite furniture item that I own. It is very high quality. The comfort is amazing. It supports like no other.

  23. I had a great night at the Hilton Hotel last night on an Englander Resort Collection mattress. I have stayed in many hotels and I am sure I have slept good but I have never been blown away like I was last night on that mattress.

  24. I love my Englander mattress. It is really comfortable. It has completely stoped my back pain in the morning. The collection I purchased from was built for a Resort and it feels just like I am on vacation every night.

  25. Englander is one of the oldest mattress brands in the country. I have bought many engladers and my favorite has been the Englander Resort Collection Atlantis Aloe. Try it. You’ll love it!

  26. Englander Resort Collection has been a favorite in my house for years now ever since we slept on one on our honeymoon. We have the Grand Chateau silk Pillowtop. amazing!

  27. I recently bought the Englander Resort Collection Roosevelt mattress. It is so comfortable! I am very pleased with the comfort and support.

  28. I can’t even begin to describe the comfort on my Englander Resort Collection Mattress. I bought the Atlantis Aloe Resort model. It is like heaven. You guys should check it out.

  29. I have been very pleased with my Englander Resort Collection Mattress. I stay in a lot of Hotels all over the country and I always sleep the best when i am at a Hotel that has these mattresses.


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