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Ok guys. As you already know, I have slept on some pretty amazing mattresses over the years. One of my all time favs would have to be the Carlton Cashmere mattress made by Englander. It is in the resort and hotel collection. My husband was at a bedding show for work and was there during the unveiling of this mattress. He came home and was so excited to tell me that he purchased on from the vendor and was having it shipped to the house. I was like WHAT ?!?! You bought a mattress without me? He assured me that I would be amazed by the comfort of this bed. He was right. The only way I know how to describe it is pure bliss. When it got delivered I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was the thickest most plush thing eye had ever seen. It took three guys just to get it up the stairs. Lol. I started researching the design of the mattress to see just what my husband had picked out for us. I was surprised to find that Englander uses natural textiles and foam manufacturing methods. I am a big fan of natural and organic everything. The Carlton Cashmere mattress has organic cotton and New Zealand wool right under the cashmere cover so that you get an all natural plush feel right up against you. That is probably my favorite feature. It feels like you are literally floating on a cloud. Under the organic cotton material is a considerable amount of soy based bio foam to give you support and comfort without the harmful chemicals. They even go as far as to get their foam Certi Pur US certified to make sure you have the healthiest mattress you can buy. Underneath all of that good stuff is the wrapped coil system so that you can’t feel each other move at night. That is also great for us because we wake up at separate times and its nice to not be disturbed and shook out of a deep sleep. Speaking of deep sleep, Englander sure knows how to hook you up in that department. The first night that we slept on the mattress I woke up in the exact position I went to sleep in. I don’t think that I moved at all during the night. I even woke up a few minutes before the alarm went off without even having to hit snooze like I was so accustomed to doing. I popped up refreshed and ready to the on the day.(see Home Page to learn how I get my reviews, comments, and content)


  1. Very impressed with the comfort and support of the Cloud Pillowtop by Englanders Resort Collection. We have been looking for something soft without sacrificing support. Finally found it with the Cloud Pillowtop.

  2. We just got our Cloud Pillowtop Englander mattress delivered! So excited to sleep on it tonight. We have always slept great on vacation and decided the next mattress we would get would be like the ones in the hotels we stay in. We researched and found out about the Resort Collection by Englander and ordered online. Can’t wait to sleep on it and do a follow up review.

  3. I have had back trouble for longer than I can even remember. I just started going to a new Chiropractor and he recommended that I get a new mattress set because mine is several years old. He told me about Englander mattresses which I had never heard of before. I went to a local mattress store that sold the Resort Collection by Englander and bought a Grand Chateau Silk model with a hybrid Gel top. WoW! I never realized how much of a difference a new mattress could make for back trouble. I’ve noticed a huge difference when I wake up in the morning.

  4. I don’t own an Englander mattress but I am strongly considering doing so after reading the reviews. I have a question for Tammy Lynn. do you have a specific pillow you recommend for people with neck problems and upper back?

    • Thanks for the question! I highly recommend the Englander Resort Collection if you are interested in a new mattress. as far as pillows go I have had great results with the i snooze pillow by Legendaire. They make several models but that one is my favorite.

  5. I am in LOVE with my Englander Resort Collection! I have been putting off buying a new mattress for a while. I finally decided to find a mattress store that had a huge selection of brands to choose from. I tried several great mattresses but the Carlton Cashmere mattress by Englander was the most comfy. I have been sleeping great ever since.

  6. Best mattress EVER!! I can’t even explain how comfortable my new Englander Resort Collection mattress is. I bought the Cloud pillow top hybrid with cooling gel. Sleeps cool. Back feels GREAT!

  7. This is the BEST mattress ever! We took your advice and went to a mattress store that sells Englander mattresses. We tried several models and bought the Atlantis resort collection pillow top. It is so soft and pressure relieving. I have been looking for a non toxic mattress brand for a while and this one is perfect. Has everything we have been looking for in a new bed.

  8. After reading about all the different brands of mattresses on Tammy Lynn I decided to go check out an Englander Resort Collection. I never realized a mattress could feel this good. I tried about 5 models and decided on the Elite Pillow Top. I have had it for about 3 months and all I can say is wow. I feel like I am 10+ years younger. My neck and back feel so much better. Thanks Tammy Lynn.

  9. I finally got my dream mattress. I read so much on here about mattresses that I pretty much new what I wanted. I knew I wanted a pillow top with Memory Foam, Gel and Individual Coals. I also knew I wanted an Englander. After trying several mattresses in the Resort Collection a decided on the Elite Pillow Top. I felt like it was tailor made just for my body. Thanks Tammy Lynn Contributors.

  10. Englander has my vote for the best Mattress on Earth. It has made such a huge difference in my life. It was worth every penny. I feel like the Basin Park Plush was made just for me.

  11. My family has used Englander mattresses for as long as I could remember. For us it was the only brand. I was surprised to learn that not a lot of people are aware of this brand. I love my Resort Collection Atlantis Aloe that I feel that it is my duty to write on here to let your readers know what a great company Englander is. They last forever and the customer service is un matched. Out of all the Englanders we have had over the years we have only had one that had a defect. They replaced it no questions asked. I have a friend who bought one of the box beds from online and after 6 months it is worn out. They made him jump through a bunch of hoops for the claim and then they denied it. I will never buy anything other than an Englander.

  12. Our first mattress we bought when we got married was made by englander. We loved that mattress and kept it until the bitter end. We had it for at least 15 years. We couldn’t find an englander dealer when we bought our last mattress so we had to get another brand. We didn’t like it as much as the englander so we decided to order one online. We bought a resort collection basin park and it is feels just like oyr old one. We love the new mattress and highly recommend this brand.

  13. We have the Latex Hybrid Englander mattress and it is exquisite. I’m not really sure if it is one of the hotel or resort collection models but I though I would share my experience anyway because this mattress has changed our lives. No more waking up hurting.

  14. We have been shopping for months for a new mattress set. We finally found the perfect mattress. It’s an Englander Atlantis Pillow top. We tried several brands and the Resort Collection mattresses had the most support.

  15. We have been long time fans of the Englander Hotel and Resort model mattresses. The quality is superior to other brands we have had in the past. They hold up real well and offer good back support. The last one we bought was the Grand Chateau Silk Hybrid. It is beyond comfortable.

  16. You guys were absolutely right! The Englander Resort mattresses are wonderful. My husband and I bought the Atlantis Aloe Pillowtop with an adjustable bed base. I wish we would have invested in something this nice years ago. You live and you learn I guess.

  17. We went shopping for mattresses last weekend to get an idea for our Christmas present to each other. We spent many hours shopping at different stores. Most of the mattress companies had the same brands but we found a mattress store that had a few options we had not tried yet. After hours of shopping we decided to buy an Englander Resort Collection mattress that is built like the ones for resorts and hotels. It was the most comfortable and had the longer warranty. We also like the fact that all of the foam in the mattress is soy based and certi pur.

  18. I appreciate all of the info on mattresses Tammy Lynn. I found this site helpful in my search for our new mattress and adjustable base. We bought the Englander Resort Collection Latex Hybrid mattress with E gel. Best mattress Ever!!

  19. Thanks for all the helpful info on your site Tammy. I was dreading buying a new mattress but after getting so many great ideas of what to look at on TammyLynn I felt that I was armed with the right information to make a good decision with out getting taken advantage of by a salesman. The sales staff at most places turned out to be great people. I hate that they get a bad rap. After checking out several of the brands that are talked about on here we found an Englander Resort and Hotel Collection Supreme Pillow Top. We were surprised who easy it was to find a model that we both could agree on. In the past one of us always felt like we got the short end of the stick. The Supreme Pillow Top was the perfect mixture of soft top with firm solid base. The Gel Memory Foam has really helped me during those hot nights here in the south. My husband’s back and neck are feeling so much better that we have started going to the gym together again. I know it sound crazy but this mattress has really made a huge impact on our lives.

  20. We are getting close to the end of the year. Can you believe 2018 flew by so quick? Me neither. I have been traveling with my husband to furniture and bedding expo events and have seen a lot of new stuff. I was able to try some of the newest Englander Resort Collection mattresses with all of the 2019 features. They came out swinging this year. I have already mentioned the new Graphite memory foam product which is simply fabulous. They have also introduced the quantum coil edge support into some of their more reasonably priced models as well. The quantum coil is a two row extra strength spring system around the mattress to prevent rolling out and give an extended sleeping surface. I hope you get a chance try some of these new and improved features. If you have any questions you know what to do. Also please rate my page at the top to let me know how I’m doing. Till next time:)

    • Does the Englander mattresses still have the organic cotton and wool comfort layer. I trying to get a mattress without all of the chemicals and toxins. What can you tell me about the new ones and how they are constructed in regards to natural and organic materials please?

      • So glad to her from you! Thanks for your great question. Yes the Englander Resort Collection mattresses still utilize an organic cotton comfort layer with new Zealand wool to help with breathability, comfort, and function as a natural fire retardant barrier. Other note worthy features include. Soy Bio foam, Certi-Pur US foam, and even Natural Latex with OEKO TEX standard 100 certification. Very few American manufactures put as much time and effort into the research and development process to make sure you get a healthy product.

  21. I have some exciting news regarding the Resort Collection by Englander! They are now offering their graphite memory foam as an option in this famous collection. I was able to get a sneak peek at some of the newest models and OMG they are exquisite! They have a noticeably cooler feel than other similar foams and offer a soft yet deep support. If you are into new technology and like to be on the cutting edge you should check these new mattresses out. Stop by a local mattress store or gallery that sells the Englander brand to see if they are showcasing any of these new products. You will be impressed for sure. Until next time this is you top pick from your favorite bedding chick. Tammy Lynn 😉

  22. Today I would like to answer one of my readers questions about Latex foam vs Memory Foam. The question is “Which is better, Latex or Memory Foam?” Great question! The short answer is that they are both wonderful additions to the robust catalog of bedding features and offerings. The Resort Collection by Englander has one of the largest selections of Latex, Memory Foam, Gel Memory Foam, Gel Latex etc.. Just to name a few. Latex is a vary unique material that offers its very own feel as compared to other foams. Englander is the first mattress company to use this material in the manufacturing of bedding. They teamed up with Goodyear tire to create the very first Latex foam product way back in the 1930’s. Some of the benefits of all natural rubber include pressure relief on the hips and shoulders, Contour support for the lower back, and even a unique ability to promote airflow for a cooler nights rest. My personal favorite benefit associated with natural latex is the OEKO TEX certified option offered by several leading foam venders. This means you can enjoy the comfort and support worry free. There are no harmful chemicals or off gassing toxins emitting from this product. To sum it up, Latex is a wonderful option and I highly recommend it.
    Memory Foam is the other material we are also considering. Memory Foam has had an interesting journey from the NASA space program, to the bedding industry, and know even shoes and seat cushions. It is definitely and useful item in many capacities. As far as the mattress industry is concerned, Memory Foam comes in many comfort levels as well as quality levels. Englander Resort mattresses use only the highest quality memory products including Soy based foam, Gel Memory Foam, Memory Visco Hybrid and many more. Each will have their own unique feel. The main benefits include motion separation between partners, contour support for neck, hip and back issues, as well as cooling properties for a fresh nights rest. I am a big fan of these options and recommend them highly. If you are not sure which one to go with you can always get both. Englander bedding company makes hybrid mattresses the feature the best Latex and Memory Foam combined to offer a truly one of a kind comfort.
    Thanks again for reading this entry and feel free to star rate this page to let me know how I’m doing. See you next time.

  23. I appreciate all of the interest in my Englander Resort and Hotel Collection Blog series. I have been a little bust lately and haven’t had a lot of time to answer all of my Emails about the Englander brand. I will make several entries over the next couple of weeks to try my best and answer all of the questions. Today I will address a question about how to know which is the best mattress to choose from since there are several models and styles.
    A mattress purchase is in my opinion the most important of all home furnishings. We spend more time on our mattress than any other piece of furniture in the home. It stands to reason that you should give considerable effort to finding the right mattress and style for your own personal preference. I hesitate to recommend specific models because everyone is built differently and has varying tastes. My recommendation is to find the most reputable local mattress company and schedule a consultation to meet with a bedding specialists. I highly recommend staying away from the bed in a box online beds and online stores. You should try the mattress before you buy and be able to pick the brain of an expert in the industry. Also supporting your local economy is a great way to give back to the community to which you reside. I hope this was a helpful entry and I shall post more soon! 🙂 Feel free to rate this blog at the top of the page.

  24. I got a email from a friend of mine who is a travel writer. She spent a week in Dubai at one of the most expensive hotels in the world. It’s a good thing here magazine took care of the bill. She said that she slept better than she had in a hotel in a long time. She took a peek at the mattress and guess what. It was an Englander Resort Collection mattress. She said that she instantly thought of me because I am always telling her she needs to scoop one of these remarkable mattresses up. She said as soon as she gets back me and her are going shopping for an Englander mattress. I guess she had to fly half way around the world to learn that i know what I’m talking about when it comes to mattresses.

  25. One of my readers asked me what I thought about all these Hybrid beds on the market. I break it down into two different categories. The first is what a consider faux hybrids. Those are mattresses that have just a little bit of memory foam just so it can say that it has some. I have seen some “Hybrids” with as little as 1/3 inch of memory foam. The second kind is what i call legit Hybrids. The reason I am writing this in the Englander Resort Collection section is because these guys know how to build a legit hybrid. A real hybrid has at least an inch of Gel or Memory Foam. They have pillow top and euro top models with as much as six inches of Gel Memory Foam. That is important because a hybrid with less than an inch is not going to be able to give you enough support or pressure relief to make a difference. Make sure that you know how much Gel memory foam or latex is in the mattress before you spend your hard earned money.

    • Thanks for the information. I have been wondering about hybrids for a while and this clears up a lot of my concerns. I recently tried some of the Englander Resort models that you have mentioned on here. I am about to pull the trigger on one called the Carlton Cashmere if I can get over spending that king of money. I know it is worth it but I still have to wrap my mind around it.

  26. Hey guys I know it has been a while since i have been on here. Life moves pretty fast around here and I just haven’t had the time. I went to visit my mom for a couple days and she spent most of our visit talking about how good she feels. She believes that most of her health improvement can be attributed to her Englander Resort Collection mattress. The gel foam pillow top on the Atlantis Aloe has made a huge difference in her sleeping habits. Her neck and back are not hurting throughout the night so she sleeps longer and deeper because she doesn’t constantly have to readjust her position. The cooling effect of the Gel Memory Foam also keeps her in a very neutral temperature so she is not having to constantly add or remove her covers. If you are older and need the ultimate sleeping experience i recommend the Engalnder Resort Collection Atlantis Aloe.

  27. I had a reader who lives in the Middle Tennessee area ask me how to find the best place to buy a mattress (she was specifically looking for a section of Engalnder Resort and Hotel Collection). The easy answer would be to find any of the well known chains or “Big Box Stores” but those guys usually don’t have a wide selection of the mattresses I write about. I say search your area for a Mattress Gallery type store. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) should have ratings on the local stores in your area. I say go with the highest rated store. There should be at least one or two in your area with an A+ rating.

  28. I promise I am not bragging about my trip to Las Vegas next week but I have to say that I am super stoked. I get to tag along to many booths of products I talk about on here. That means that my readers are going to get the freshest info about my favorite brands like Englander. We get to spend a whole afternoon trying out all the updated mattresses fro the Resort and Hotel Collection. My husband said that they are unveiling new versions of The Grand Chateau, Biltmore Bamboo, Atlantis Aloe and the Carlton Cashmere. I will also get to try out some of the crazy expensive models that sell anywhere for $10,000.00-$20,000.00. I wanted to let you in on a little secret. The best time to buy a Resort and Hotel Collection mattress is right now. They do not do on sale often and many dealers will be closing out the 2017 models. If you have wanted one of these mattresses but is was out of the budget don’t hesitate. They will go pretty quick. I will post some from my trip if I get the chance but rest assured you will get the full report when i get back.

  29. Many of my awesome readers have asked me how to locate some of the great products that I have written about. The one that I am asked about he most is the Englander resort and Hotel Collection. High end mattresses like these can be kind of rare depending on where you live. My best recommendation is to stay away from the big box stores. They very rarely delve into rare lines. Find a local specialty store or Mattress Gallery store in your area. Find the ones with A or A+ better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings. You can also check out the Englander Resort and Hotel Collection website for a list of dealers. It may take alittle extra work on your part but when you are sleeping like a baby on your new mattress and box springs you will be happy that you did. I hope this helps.

  30. Health Update. The Atlantis Aloe is working like a charm. My mother called me last night and she went on and on and on and…. you know how mothers can be. She said that her sleep quality has improved so much that she isn’t having to hit the snooze button anymore. She also is feeling better overall. i’m telling you guys that if you haven’t checked out one of these Engalnder Resort and Hotel Collection beds for yourself you are missing out.

  31. Did you know that Englander is named after a man? Max Englander started the company in the late 1800’s. If you follow me at all you know that I am real history buff. I find it so fascinating that a company can actually last over 125 years. I wonder if Mr. Engalnder had any idea what his company was going to become. I bet if someone would have told him that his name was going to be found on some of the most luxurious mattresses and in some of the finest resort and hotel rooms he would have said they were crazy. Next time you lay down on your Englander mattress think of all the history that has passed since Max Englander made his first mattress. It boggles the mind.

  32. Holiday Update. I decided that it was time for my mom, who never spends money on herself, to get a new mattress. She has some health issues and she has a job that requires her to be on her feet all day. After much consideration my husband and I settled on an Englander Resort and Hotel Collection mattress set to give her as a Christmas gift. The Atlantis Aloe Vera model is a euro top with a nice gel foam top and a moderately firm under layer. She was used to a cushion firm style but we thought that she might benefit for something a little bit softer. It took a couple nights for her to adjust to the new mattress but by the time we were heading home from our visit she was already noticing improvement in her lower back. I am happy to report that her sleep quality has improved and her back feels so much better she has started to ride her bicycle and exercise again. Remember giving the gift of better sleep is also the gift of better health.


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