Edgewood Firm by Englander

Grand Westin by Englander
Black Label Mattress by Englander. Grand Westin

Rarely does a frim mattress impress me however the new Edgewood Firm by Englander has me rethinking firm. I am generally a more plush to soft type of person. I really like how Englander was able to capture the support of a firm mattress without making it too hard. The new Edgewood firm is a part of the Englander Black Label series and features a cooling top that is second to none. If you like luxury firm here it is.


  1. Just got my new Edgewood Firm Englander mattress delivered. Can’t wait to sleep on it tonight. I have had several mattresses lately and nothing was firm enough. I real excited about this one.

  2. We bought the Edgewood Englander mattress because it is firm but not too firm and it has a cooling fabric on the top that is great. We have had it for a couple of weeks and our backs feel great in the morning. No more waking up stiff.

  3. We have been searching for a mattress that is firm enough for my husband but still not too hard for me. We researched several brands and decided on the Edgewood Firm by Englander. A friend of mine recommended it and I’m glad she did. It really is the perfect balance for what we need.


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