I have to say that the Crock-pot is my favorite thing to cook in. The meals you can make in them are endless and always taste like you spent hours slaving over a hot stove or oven. Plus worry free, for those days that are full of carpools, practices and games, or as most of us just busy with life. The Crock-pot is going to be your best friend more then you may want to admit. Every house should have one or even two in their kitchen cabinet. They travel well for the company picnics, sports banquet or that family reunion. They are tough durable and easy to clean and store. You put your items in it cover and forget about it till you are ready to serve it. They come in different sizes and colors for every ones needs and wants.  You can buy already assembled meals in the grocery store, or you can assemble your favorite meals on your own. I have even found you can make brownies in your crock-pot that means no warming up your oven and your house. How much better can it be to make a meal then turn around and in minutes have a desert for your family.

Standard slow cookers come in round or oval shapes. Which one is best? There’s no real right answer. Think about what you’d like to cook in the slow cooker and let that dictate the shape you choose. For instance, whole chickens, brisket, or ribs will fit better in an oval shape, but if you’re usually making beans or stews, shape doesn’t matter as much and you can buy the one that fits better in your cabinet or on your counter. You can get tiny slow cookers that really are only useful for keeping dips warm, or you can get a really large-capacity one. If you’re a small household, don’t mind scaling down recipes, and don’t like to have leftovers, smaller three- to four-quart slow cookers will work. Just remember most of your recipes are designed for the bigger 6Qt one.  If you like to double recipes and cook for a crowd, by all means, go even bigger! The key to size is that slow cookers need to be at least half full to get good results. Some of the brands you can buy are Cuisinart which is rated one of the best. Then you have Hamilton Beach, Crock-pot, you are getting the best bang for your buck on this one. It has many great features. Proctor-Silex, and then you have West Bend. When you are shopping for one these are the name brands you want to stick with. They are all rated very high and have the most features. Prices are going to very depending on size and features you get. They normally start around $10.00 and go up over $100.00. Every retail store that sells kitchen items will carry a Croc-pot, or even online.  You can’t go wrong when you buy one it will change the way you cook. They also make gifts for that hard to buy for person in your life. Even if they have one get them a different size or one with more features.(see Home Page to learn how I get my reviews, comments, and content)


  1. I think the Crock pot is one of the best inventions in history. It has saved me so much time. I love having meals at home but between karate and soccer plus all of the house duties, I have a hard time cooking a full blown meal. The crock pot is in heavy use at our house.

  2. I make the best crock pot roast with my crock pot. It is so easy. I got a great deal at a gallery that has factory direct prices. My mom always said that the two most essential items for your home is a good mattress and a crock pot. BTW I love your site Tammy Lynn!

  3. Crock pots are the best for the modern mom. Who has time to prepare elaborate meals anymore. I sure don’t. I love to cook it is just difficult sometimes. Get one and you will never be the same. Thanks Tammy Lynn for the great blogs.

  4. I love to cook but the whole Martha Stewart gene passed me up I guess. My pinterest meals look more like penitentiary meals! The crock pot has really been the best thing for my family. I love having healthy meals my kids and husband and the crock pot allows me to basically not screw it up. If you don’t have on then get one. You wont be sorry.

  5. I love my cuisinart Crock Pot!! The pot roasts that this thing cooks are unbelievable. With two kids in elementary school It is it hard to find time to cook fancy dinners from scratch. This has been my time saver and I don’t think we would eat without it. LOL


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