Breckenridge Firm by Legendaire

Breckenridge Firm by Legendaire
Breckenridge Firm by Legendaire

You wanted firm, you got it! There are few companies in existence that really know how to build a firm mattress correctly. Legendaire happens to be one of the best. That is why their family of luxury brands are features in top luxury Resorts and Hotels the world over. The newest edition to the famous Hotel & Resort Collection is the Breckenridge Firm by Legendaire. At the recent Furniture Market show this mattress received rave reviews. If you are in the market for a solid firm commercial grade mattress, check out the new Breckenridge Firm. You won’t be disappointed.


  1. We love our Breckenridge Firm Legendaire mattress! It is so hard to find the right mattress. We realized that our problem has been that we were sleeping on mattresses that were too soft. I never thought in a million years that I would like a firm mattress but after sleeping in a Hotel in Savannah on a really firm mattress, we slept bettrer than we ever have. We decided to buy the same mattress which is why we got the Breckenridge Firm mattress by Legendaire. Life changing sleep!

  2. We bought a Breckenridge Firm Legendaire mattress during the 4th of July sale. It still wasn’t cheap but so worth the investment. We have been sleeping great for the last week. I love how supportive the side of the mattress is. Our Serra mattress we replaced had given out on the side which is why we bought the Legendaire mattress to begin with. We love it!

  3. I have always loved firm mattresses. My friends think I’m crazy but it’s just what I like. I bought a Breckenridge Firm Mattress by Legendaire and it is perfect. Usually my mattresses are good but not quite as firm as I prefer. This mattress is rock solid. It feels very substantial.

  4. Great firm mattress! My dad sent me out shopping for a mattress for him. I always remember as a kid my parents mattresses being really firm. I bought him the Breckenridge Firm by Legendaire and they loved it. They liked it so much they even bought an additional one for their RV home for when they travel.


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