Stones River Mall


Well it’s Christmas time, and I had some last minute shopping to take care of.  I’m sure you can relate.  For some reason no matter when I start, it never goes as expected.  I packed up the kids, like eskimos, it’s so cold, and we headed to the Stones River Mall.  We went around lunch time, so it wasn’t that busy.  We shopped for quite awhile.  First Dilards, then J.C. Penny, we also hit up several of the kiosks.  Then we stopped at the play area, and I took a break while they let out some energy.

We ended our day with a late lunch in the food court.  It was a good day, but I still haven’t finished my shopping.  I’ll probably head back to the mall later this week.(see Home Page to learn how I get my reviews, comments, and content)


  1. We love the stones river mall! It reminds me of the little small town mall I grew up with in Jonesborough AR. I’m not a big fan of the outdoor lifestyle malls everyone is getting these days. I like a good ole fashioned indoor place to shop with a food court that has Chinese food right?

  2. The play area for children here is really nice and convenient. My kids love to play here and it’s a great way for them to interact with other children their age while me and my girl friends chat it up 🙂

  3. I like the food court at the stones river mall. They have a good Greek restaurant that I like. I also like going to the books a million conected to the mall. This is a great review site Tammy Lynn.

  4. This is a neat little mall. It has all of the great stores of a big city mall and with a small town feel. My kids love going to the fountain outside and making a wish. Reminds me of when I was young.


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