Quality Inn & Suites


The kids and I went to visit my husband while he was out of town, and we stayed at the Quality Inn & Suites.  It wasn’t the nicest hotel we’ve ever stayed at, but it was nice.  The people were very friendly.  Almost to a fault.  The guy behind the counter hit on my husband on a daily basis, but my husband was a good sport about it.  The breakfast bar had the basics, but nothing fancy.  Over all the trip was a success, and the stay was fun.  The kids got to play in the pool, I got to use the fitness room (I know), and my husband made a new friend.(see Home Page to learn how I get my reviews, comments, and content)

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  1. I always sleep best at this hotel. The mattress that they have is great. I even tried to see what king it is but there was no id tag. Does anyone know what brand they use. I’d love to have one at home.


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